Somavanshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Samaj


After returning to the place where he was staying along with his Shisyas, he advised his followers to protect his body and left the body and then entered into the dead body of a young man through Parakaya Pravesh. When young man returned to life the happiness of his wife and his parents knew no bounds.

He started search with his wife and learned with experience every thing about human reproduction. One day he left the body of the young man came to the place where his body was guarded by his Shisyas. To the art of science of Parakaya Pravesh he entered his body and next day he went to house of Mandal Mishra. He was told that Mandal Mishra had died and his body was cremated about a month back.There were several people in Mahesmathi who had earned laurels in their fields of specialization.

Such was the environment in which Sahasrarjun was brought up. After the death of his father King Kruthiveerya he was to ascend throne and take over the reins of administration of his state.

The court rushi who was the supreme authority of administration of the state and welfare of the people, advised the Sahasrarjun to get coroneted and thus become the full-fledged ruler of the state.

Sahasrarjun who held court rushi in the highest esteem, declined his advice. He told the court rushi that he has not been trained to administer the state.Cultivators paid six percent of their produce to protect them and their agricultural lands from the thieves. He had to acquire those virtues which would make him the protector of the subject and ensure their welfare of highest order to them.

The court rushi was convinced of his argument and suggested Sahasrarjun to go to Lord Dattatreya for inculcating in himself the best of virtues of a king. There upon he went to Dattatreya Ashram and started serving like a devoted servant.